Google Street View launches ‘Mars on Earth’ guide

Google Maps on Android

Devon Island, a land mass in Canada’s Arctic, features a climate that’s unsurvivable by humans. However, Devon Island also features a Mars-like characteristic, which is why it attracts scientists and researchers alike.

Now, with Google Maps Street View, everyone can take a look at Devon Island, the closest thing to ‘Mars on Earth.’

Users will be able to take a look at Haughton Crater, a crater that’s 20km in diameter, Astronaut Canyon, which is similar to many of the valleys on Mars, and the ancient lake beds of Breccia Hills.

You can even do a guided tour of Mars on Earth that’ll guide the user through Devon Island.

The folks at Google have even captured images of Devon Island on a Pixel 3. Google has even captured enough video to create “the first-ever documentary filmed on Pixel.”

Source: Google Blog