Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes to get content based on Canadian-made ‘Knights of the Old Republic’

It might not be a remake or KOTOR 3, but it's something

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Darth Malak

Games publishing giant Electronic Arts has revealed that new content based on Canadian-made Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is coming to its free-to-play mobile title Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

In the turn-based RPG’s upcoming ‘Scourge of the Old Republic’ update, players will be able to experience key moments from BioWare Edmonton‘s seminal Knights of the Old Republic game. While BioWare Edmonton’s original 2003 game let players take either a light side or dark side path, the Scourge of the Old Republic event seems to only focus on the latter storyline.

Therefore, players can expect to see such prominent Knights of the Old Republic characters as the Sith Lord Darth Revan, fallen Jedi Bastila Shan, Mandalorian mercenary Canderous Ordo, Republic soldier Carth Onasi and murderous droid HK-47.

EA didn’t confirm a specific release date for Scourge of the Old Republic but has stated it is “coming soon.” Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

Meanwhile, BioWare Edmonton is keeping busy with its recently-released Anthem multiplayer shooter, as well as untitled Dragon Age and Mass Effect projects.

Image credit: Disney Interactive