Bugatti has a $45,000 CAD electric vehicle for children and adults

Bugatti Baby 2

Bugatti is bringing back its famous ‘Bugatti Baby’ racing car and giving it a modern makeover.

Priced at 30,000 euros (about $45,000 CAD), the Bugatti Baby II features an electric powertrain and driving modes for both children and adults.

The Baby II will feature a 3D-printed frame and removable lithium-ion battery packs. Altogether, the vehicle will measure in at three-quarters the size of the original Baby.

In terms of performance, the car will be driveable in two different power modes. A ‘child mode’ will cap the car at 20km/h, while an ‘adult mode’ can reach 45km/h. Meanwhile, a ‘Speed Key’ upgrade can be purchased that lets the car exceed these speed limits.

As you probably guessed from the high price tag and small size, the Baby II is intended to be a novelty vehicle for only a select few drivers. In fact, Bugatti is only planning to produce 500 units of the vehicle, starting this fall.

Source: Bugatti Via: Engadget