Samsung Galaxy Fold ‘day in the life’ video surfaces online

Samsung has revealed a ‘day in the life’ video focused on its recently released Galaxy Fold smartphone.

An animated video ad from the South Korean manufacturer shows different use-cases for the phone, such as utilizing the full 7.3-inch display for maps, as well as using a video chatting app alongside Samsung’s Internet browser and texting app.

Another use-case for the device shown off in the video is watching a cooking video alongside a timer and calendar app.

The phone sports what Samsung calls ‘App Continuity,’ allowing users to seamlessly use apps while folding and unfolding the device. This is one of the features Samsung uses during the video, alongside triple app multitasking.

When folded the handset features a 4.6-inch display that users can easily fit into their pockets.

The Galaxy Fold features a 7nm chipset, 12GB of RAM and up to 512GB of UFC 3.0 storage. The device features two batteries that deliver the equivalent of 4,380mAh of battery power.

Samsung’s foldable handset costs $1,980 USD (approximately $2,600 CAD) and is set to start shipping in the U.S. on April 26th. The company recently told MobileSyrup that it has plans to reveal more information regarding Canadian pricing in the coming weeks.

It’s unclear exactly where SlashGear found this video. It appears the company found it on a Samsung page and then uploaded it to YouTube themselves.

Source: SlashGear