There’s now a handy subreddit dedicated to Galaxy S10 wallpapers

Download a stockpile now to get ready for launch day

By all accounts, Samsung’s new Galaxy S10, which launches in Canada on Friday, is a stellar phone.

There’s just one issue: love it or hate it, the S10’s ‘Infinity O’ display cutout requires a new approach to wallpapers.

Thankfully, as it usually does, the internet provides.

Samsung fans have banded together to create a new subreddit, S10wallpapers, for all your S10 wallpaper needs — hat tip to Android Police for spotting it.

On S10wallpapers, you’ll find a variety of a variety of wallpapers that mask or integrate the S10’s display cutout in clever ways. For obvious reasons, I’m partial to any and all wallpapers that involve Wall-E. But there’s a lot of other good stuff to be found here.

Do you plan to pick up a Galaxy S10 tomorrow? And if so, any particular wallpaper you’re eyeing? Let us know in the comment section.

Source: Reddit Via: Android Police