Google Arts & Culture launches project to showcase science and human discovery

Google’s Arts & Culture division has partnered with several museums and groups to bring videos and images focused on science and human discovery.

The collection, titled “Once Upon a Try,” has some incredible videos and compilations, including one called ‘The Big Bang in AR,’ which allows users to watch how the Big Bang Theory was discovered in an augmented reality format. There are over 200,000 artifacts featured in the collection.

According to its website, some of the 119 partners include the Smithsonian, NASA, CERN, Science Museum Group, NCS India, Deutches Museum, Sichuan Museum, Institut de France Académie des Sciences.

From Canada, Google has partnered with McCord Museum, Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, and the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

This division of Google launched both its iOS and Android app in January last year, letting Canadians experience the face-matching app that scans a person’s face and matches it with art from a variety of different eras of history – with varying degrees of success.

The new collection can be found online, as well as on iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store.

Source: Google Arts & Culture Via: The Verge