You can now change the colour of smart lights with Google’s Home app

Since I’m primarily an iOS user, if I’m not controlling my smart lights through voice commands with one of my Amazon Echo or Google Home speakers, I typically rely on Apple’s Home app.

That could soon change now that Google has updated its Home app to allow users to alter the colour of their smart lightbulbs. This new feature brings Google’s Home app up to par with Apple’s Home app in most respects. The colour-changing functionality is also available through the Android version of Google’s Home app.

Prior to this update, it was only possible to turn your smart home lights on or off and to adjust their brightness level.

The colour palette selection is limited, but there are way more options than what is available in Apple’s Home platform. Still, if you’re looking to create a crazy custom colour with your Philips Hue or LIFX smart lightbulbs, you’ll want to use their respective apps.

There is one glaring downside to the Google Home app’s new colour-changing option: the app doesn’t tell you what hue you have each bulb set to.

The Google Home apps new colour picker option is available across iOS and Android.

Via: The Verge, Android Police