Microsoft releases official Timeline extension for Google Chrome

Firefox users still have to rely on an unofficial extension

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Chrome users on Windows can finally get official access to Microsoft’s Timeline feature.

Released about a year ago, Timeline allowed Windows 10 users to sync browsing and app history between Windows 10, iOS and Android devices. It acts almost like your browser history, but across your whole PC.

It’s a unique feature that makes it easy to pick up and resume tasks on different computers. For example, I can open up my laptop and jump into the Word document I started yesterday, or quickly find the article I was reading on my phone.

Unfortunately, to use the feature with your browser, you needed to use Microsoft Edge — or an unofficial extension — to sync browser history. That’s set to change, as Microsoft just released its official Chrome extension for Timeline.

Dubbed ‘Web Activities,’ users can add the extension to Chrome and loop their browsing history into Timeline.

However, the privacy-conscious may want to avoid the extension, as it will send a copy of your browsing history through Microsoft’s servers.

It’s worth noting that Chrome has its own way of syncing history across devices, but its built into the Chrome browser. Microsoft’s solution is at an OS level and is very easy to access from the taskbar on Windows 10.

Further, there isn’t an official version of the extension for Firefox yet, but if you want the feature you can still use the unofficial extensions. In my experience, they work quite well and I haven’t had an issue with them yet.

You can get the Chrome extension for free on the Chrome Web Store.

Source: Chrome Web Store