Google details how it fights fake news in Search, News and YouTube

Google has published a paper that documents how it combats fake news across all of its platforms.

In the paper, the company notes that it is leveraging its 20-year experience in dealing with disinformation issues to fight fake news on Google Search, Google News, YouTube and more.

The company says its fake news efforts are centred around three major pillars:

  • Improve our products so they continue to make quality count
  • Counteract malicious actors seeking to spread disinformation
  • Give people context about the information they see

Specifically, Google says it uses ranking algorithms that are unbiased from the people who create them. Further, the company cites its Knowledge and Information Panels in Search and YouTube to give users more context on the content they’re seeing.

At the same time, Google says it has pledged $300 million over a three-year-period to support legitimate journalistic outlets through its Google News Initiative, which launched last year.

Google also says it’s working to improve media literacy across the board, particularly among politicians. The company notes that it is cracking down on ‘deepfake‘ videos (media generated by artificial intelligence) which can be used to superimpose faces of one person onto another to mislead people.

Google’s full breakdown of how it combats fake news can be found here.