Public Mobile offers $10 credit to volunteers who help test new Help page

The carrier is also looking for feedback regarding its community leaderboard system

Telus-owned Public Mobile plans to launch a revamped ‘Get Help‘ page in the coming weeks and wants the community to test and provide feedback on the new resource.

The ask, which was put out to the community forum, says Public Mobile wants 10 of its customers to use the new pages and share what they liked and didn’t like about them.

Further, testing will happen online and is open to anyone in Canada — as long as they can speak English, according to the test requirements. Users can sign up to help test the new pages on February 7th, 2019, and testing will start on the 12th and run until the 15th.

Public Mobile says there’s only a 20 minute time commitment. It will collect the feedback during the session and customers who participate will receive a $10 account credit within 30 days of completion.

However, would-be participants should know that, depending on the volume of volunteers, Public Mobile may not be able to collect feedback from everyone. The carrier says it would like to hear from the people it misses after the Get Help pages launch.

You can sign up to participate in the testing here.

The post also asks community members to provide some feedback on the current community leaderboard system, such as the timeframe for resetting the board and the accessibility for new community members to get involved.

If you’re a Public Mobile customer and want to have a say in these matters, check out the post so you can vote on and provide feedback regarding the leaderboard system.

Source: Public Mobile