WhatsApp update adds Face ID and Touch ID authentication to iOS app

Now you can securely lock your conversations

WhatsApp icon on phone

WhatsApp has added Face ID and Touch ID in its newest update, adding additional security measures to the messaging app.

To access this functionality, you’ll need to first navigating to ‘settings,’ then to ‘account,’ and finally to the ‘privacy’ section. From there, you can choose to have the ‘screen lock’ feature on.

It’s important to note that using this security function will block access to the app itself, rather than certain chats, until you use either method to unlock the app.

However, you can still do a quick reply and view message notifications on your device.

This update is exclusive to the iOS app, but a similar feature will come to the Android version at a later date, which uses fingerprint authentication instead of Face ID.

You can download WhatsApp ‘version 2.19.20’ in the iOS App Store.

Source: 9to5Mac