eBay Canada’s ‘Dream Phone’ sale offers up to $50 off select smartphones

eBay sign

eBay’s latest promotion wants to help you save on your next smartphone purchase.

Whether it’s a new or old handset, eBay customers can save up to 20 percent off with a max discount of $50 on their next phone purchase.

To take advantage of the promotion, input the promo code “PHONEME” during checkout. The smartphone has to cost at least $50, which shouldn’t be too difficult considering the price of most handsets nowadays. The promotion doesn’t stack, which means you can only get $50 off one phone per cart.

This promotion ends on February 6th.

The eBay promotion offers deals on the Google Pixel 2XL, iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XR.

More information on the promo can be found on eBay’s website.

Source: eBay Via: RedFlagDeals