Google’s new ad features Joe Pesci watching another Google ad

This ad is basically a Joe Pesci reaction to Google's 'Home Alone Again' ad

Google is expanding the ‘Home Alone Again’ universe with a new ad featuring Joe Pesci from Home Alone.

The ad features Pesci, who played burglar Harry Lyme in the movie, watching Google’s original Home Alone Again ad, which aired in December with Macaulay Culkin.

While the circumstances of the new ad aren’t precise, it looks like Pesci is watching a football game when the Home Alone Again ad comes on.

The party going on around Pesci suggests it could be a Super Bowl celebration.

Pesci hushes the party to watch the ad, adding his own commentary and celebrating at his central line: “Better get out of here before somebody sees us.”

The ad also emphasizes various Assistant interactions and devices throughout.

While it’s a fun ad, it isn’t clear why Google released it so long after the holidays, when a Home Alone ad makes more sense.

Source: YouTube Via: 9t05Google