University of Toronto has an online course on self-driving cars

The specialization is four courses long and can be enrolled in right now

The University of Toronto is offering engineers a course on learning how to drive autonomous vehicles and enrollment to the course begins today.

The course is offered through Coursera, an online learning platform, and is called ‘Self-Driving Cars Specialization.’

“It’s pretty clear that it’s an exploding area, and there’s not a lot of introductory material,” University of Toronto Professor Steven Waslander said in an interview with Digital Trends on January 30th.

The specific specialization offers four courses: introduction to self-driving cars, state estimation and localization for self-driving cars, visual perception for self-driving cars and motion planning for self-driving cars.

Students will learn terminology, design considerations and safety assessment, learning about sensors, learning about perception tasks on autonomous driving, static and object detection, and planning tasks in autonomous driving.

Digital Trends noted that the course is designed for students with an engineering background but have little to no formal training on self-driving cars.

By the end of the course, students should be able to send a virtual car around a simulated track, Coursera said.

Waslander said in the article that the specialization gives students a “really nice, broad view” of the technology behind autonomous vehicles.

Source: Digital Trends