EB Games Canada to start selling Overwatch-themed Nerf blasters

EB Games Canada will soon begin selling Overwatch-themed Nerf blasters in stores and online.

The guns are from Overwatch characters such as D.Va, McCree and Reaper.

All of the Nerf guns are available at different prices. Nerf Overwatch Microshots costs $12.99 CAD and these guns represent characters such as D.Va, Soldier 76 and Torbjorn.

Alongside the Microshot blaster, D.Va has her own Nerf Rival Blaster priced at $39.99. McCree’s Nerf Rival revolver oddly enough doesn’t seem like it belongs to any specific skin. This Nerf gun costs $54.99.

Lastly, Reaper Nerf guns are toy replica shotguns for the character’s Wight Skin. This pair of Nerf guns are an EB Games exclusive that costs $179.99.

These Nerf blasters are available starting January 11th but those interested can pre-order the blasters starting today.