Chrome removes option to switch back to old UI, users furious

Google engineer says it's better to switch to a different browser than downgrade Chrome to use the old design

Google Chrome

Google Chrome users are voicing complaints following the removal of an option to use the old UI in version 71.

The UI switch happened in September with Chrome version 69. It brought Google’s fresh new take on Material Design to Chrome on mobile and desktop. However, version 69 included a toggle that allowed desktop users to switch back to the old UI.

When Google rolled out Chrome version 71 in December, it removed the option to use the old UI. Now, users have taken to Reddit and Twitter to complain about the new Chrome design.

ZDNet has compiled a comprehensive list of Reddit and Twitter threads where complainers have congregated.

Several of the complaints are legitimate, with users pointing out the new design makes it harder to find tabs when they have many open. Further, other users say the design has broken the ability to mute tabs.

The controversy over the redesign had lead some users to downgrade Chrome to version 70 so they could continue using the old design.

In response, Google engineer Peter Kasting said in a Reddit post that it would be better for users to switch to a different browser than downgrade Chrome to an old version.

“Please don’t do this,” Kasting wrote.

“As a Chrome dev, we would really rather you use another browser than try to lock yourself on an old version of Chrome. There are serious consequences to this, and much like choosing not to be vaccinated, the choice affects other people besides just you.”

However, Kasting went on to say that it would be easier for users to stick with Chrome and get used to the new design. He also said most feedback for the redesign was positive and that most people — even those who didn’t like the design — were fine with it once they got used to it.

Ultimately, Google can’t please everyone. As with any significant change like this, there will be those who like it and those who don’t. Firefox saw the same reaction with the Australis user interface (UI) in the late 2000s. Microsoft also saw several complaints from users when it switched from the Windows 7 Aero UI to the flatter Metro UI in Windows 8.

Source: ZDNet, Reddit Via: Tech Times