Montreal has fastest mobile upload, download speeds in Canada: OpenSignal report

According to a new OpenSignal report, Montreal is overall the fastest city in Canada for mobile upload and download speeds.

OpenSignal said in a December 19th, 2018 press release it tested speeds across Canada’s 12 largest metropolitan cities.

For overall download speed, Montreal tied with Edmonton with a score of 46.9Mbps, “speeds you’d be hard-pressed to match except in the most advanced 4G cities in the world,” OpenSignal said.

Calgary, Quebec City, and Kitchener all averaged to a score of 40Mbps.

For overall upload speed, Montreal was the winner and scored an average speed of 12.6Mbps, just one MB faster than Kitchener.

Seven out of the 12 cities averaged with upload scores greater than 10Mbs, OpenSignal said.

OpenSignal said Canada was able to score higher in these speeds because of Bell and Telus who “have made significant investment in their urban 4G infrastructure.”

The list of other cities includes Vancouver, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Ont., Brampton, Ont., Toronto, Ottawa, and Hamilton, Ontario.

The mobile analytics company said it independently collected more than 3 billion individual measurements every day from over 100 million smartphones globally.