Google’s latest Search feature will teach you how to pronounce a word in different dialects

The Google Android Search app icon on OnePlus 3T

If you’ve used Google to define a word at any moment in the recent past, you’ll know that the search engine will generate a mini-pane that includes a small speaker icon.

Tapping or clicking on this icon plays a short sound file that breaks down the most commonly accepted pronunciation of a word.

A new enhancement of this functionality, first spotted by Android Police, allows Search users to hear how a word is pronounced in different dialects.

For instance, in the case of a word like “otter,” which is said differently in American and British English, Search users can hear the two different pronunciations: “aa-tr” and “o-tuh.”

Accompanying the new feature is a new icon that shows a person’s mouth, instead of a speaker icon.

At the moment, it appears Google is testing this feature with a small subset of Search users. When I tried to test the functionality, I was only able to use the current pronunciation feature, which doesn’t offer up multiple pronunciations.

Image credit: Android Police

Source: Android Police