Google’s ‘Year in Search 2018’ reveals the top Canadian search trends

Sports dominated Canadian searches in 2018

Google has released the top searches in 2018 for Canadians — and there are a few surprises.

First up, and rather unsurprisingly, sports dominated the top ten Google searches of the year. However, hockey didn’t nab the top spot. That honour went to the World Cup. The Winter Olympic Games captured spot number two, with the Humboldt Broncos taking third.

Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and Mac Miller claimed the fourth, fifth and sixth top search spots respectively.

The Winnipeg Jets took seventh.

Finally, the last three spots went to entertainment, with Black Panther coming in eighth, Avicii in ninth and Demi Lovato in tenth.

Google also has a ‘Year in Search 2018’ webpage that breaks down the top searches into several categories. You can also sort 2018’s search trends by country.

Several categories are covered by the site, including Canadian news, consumer tech, international news, movies, people and more.

To see the full break down of 2018’s search trends, you can check out the Google Trends website here.

Source: Google Blog