Canadian-made Carrot Rewards app launches premium subscription tiers

'Carrot Plus' offers users up to 10 times the bonus rewards for hitting their daily step goals

Toronto-developed Carrot Rewards app has launched three ‘Carrot Plus’ premium subscription tiers to celebrate having reached one million users.

With Carrot Plus, Carrot says Canadians will be able to receive up to 10 times more reward points for loyalty programs like Scene, RBC Rewards and Aeroplan by hitting their daily walking goals.

Pricing for the three Carrot Plus tiers is as follows:

  • Earn two times rewards for reaching daily step goals — $1.99 CAD monthly/$19.99 yearly, plus 200 points
  • Earn five times rewards for reaching daily step goals — $3.99 monthly/$39.99 yearly, plus 500 points
  • Earn ten times rewards for reaching daily step goals — $5.99 monthly/$59.99 yearly, plus 1000 points

Special introductory pricing is valid until December 31st, 2018. After that point, the following prices will take effect:

  • Two times rewards — $2.99 monthly/$29.99 yearly
  • Five times rewards– $5.99 monthly/$59.99 yearly
  • Ten times rewards — $10.99 monthly/$99.99 yearly

Carrot says users who upgrade to Carrot Plus for a full year will also qualify for hundreds and even thousands of bonus reward points. Users can sign up for Carrot Plus through the Android or iOS Carrot Rewards app.

Those who do not wish to sign up for Carrot Plus can still earn the standard amount of points for free by continuing to hit their daily goals.

Source: Carrot Insights