Free themes on Samsung devices will reset to default after 14 days on Android Pie

Your phone will notify you the day before and ten minutes prior to reverting themes

With Samsung’s Android Pie update coming next year, themes are going to change in a bad way.

According to a notice that’s been circulating in the Samsung Themes Store, starting with Android 9 Pie, free themes will only work for 14 days.

Samsung Theme Store notification

After that trial period, the theme will revert to Samsung’s default theme — the new One UI in Android Pie.

Samsung says users will receive two notifications before a theme reverts. The first will arrive the day before the theme reverts and will suggest alternative themes. The second notification will come ten minutes before the change.

It’s not entirely clear why Samsung has chosen to do this. It could be an effort of the South Korean company to encourage people to use its One UI, or it could be a way to push more paid theme sales.

Regardless of the reasoning, it’s a frustrating change. Thankfully, users won’t have to deal with it until the new year. Hopefully, that’s enough time for Samsung to change its mind.

Image: 9to5 Google

Source: 9to5 Google