Vidéotron’s Fizz Mobile may offer users ‘rollover’ data

Subscribers will be able to gift unused data as well

Fizz Mobile trying to fix bug

Fizz, the Vidéotron flanker brand currently beta-testing in the Quebec and Ottawa regions, may offer customers ‘rollover’ data.

According to a Reddit post on the r/FizzMobile subreddit, Fizz will roll over subscribers’ unused data at the end of each payment cycle.

Reddit user ‘ottawa123456789’ shared a copy of the rollover data FAQ from the Fizz website. The Redditor also provided a link to the webpage, however when I clicked through, a message said I wasn’t authorized to view the page.

Ottawa123456789 previously shared plan details and hinted at the rollover feature on Reddit.

Rolled over data will last for your current payment cycle, plus the following two payment cycles. You can check when rollover data will expire in the ‘See Usage’ section under ‘My Plans’ in your Fizz account.

Further, Fizz will always use your rollover data before your monthly data.

Uniquely, subscribers can ‘gift’ rollover data to other subscribers. However, you can only gift data from your current payment cycle, and you must do so before you data rolls over.

MobileSyrup reached out for comment and will update the story if there is any additional information.

If Fizz does have the rollover data feature, it could be a hit with consumers. Rollover options are an excellent way for users to balance out their usage. It lets them store up minutes and data from months with low usage for months with heavy usage.

Furthermore, rollover options are typically absent from most carrier offerings in Canada. Some carriers offer limited rollover options. Koodo’s prepaid ‘boosters,’ for example, don’t expire and will roll over each month. However, the prepaid base plans do expire, meaning data from those doesn’t roll over.

Source: Reddit