Fido, Virgin, Koodo offering $56/10GB promo plans in Quebec, Ottawa area

One Fido customer was even able to swing a $50/12GB plan

Rogers, Bell and Telus flanker brands Fido, Virgin Mobile and Koodo are all offering double data promotions in Quebec.

Subscribers can sign up for $35/2GB, $45/4GB, $49/8GB and $56/10GB promo plans from all three carriers. Each plan also comes with unlimited Canada-wide calling, as well as unlimited international text, picture and video messaging.

Some lucky subscribers might even be able to swing a $50/12GB plan.

When Ottawa-based RedFlagDeals user TheExodu5 went to purchase the $56/10GB plan in-person, the sales representative reportedly “threw in an extra 2GB and a discount to $50 for good measure.”

TheExodu5 described the additional data and discount as “totally unexpected.”

“Seems like a rock-solid deal,” said TheExodu5, in their September 30th, 2018 RedFlagDeals post.

“Don’t see myself ever moving off this plan.”

The RedFlagDeals user added that their discount is permanent as far as they know.

“Curious to see what my bill looks like when I get it,” added TheExodu5.

Source: RedFlagDeals