RED to give aluminum Hydrogen One to all customers who pre-ordered the Ti model

RED will give every customer who purchased the Titanium (Ti) model of its Hydrogen One smartphone, a free aluminum model.

According to Jim Jannard, founder of RED, the company wasn’t able to produce enough Ti handsets for everyone who pre-ordered the handset.

Following that Jannard said that RED will send customers the Ti model at no charge. RED also doesn’t plan taking back the aluminum models either.

RED hasn’t revealed when it plans on launching the Ti models, However, it’s likely things are still going as plan for the aluminum model. Those who pre-ordered the Hydrogen One should expect the handset to ship on October 9th.

The Ti Hydrogen One model costs $1,595 USD ($2,061.71 CAD), and the aluminum model retails at $1,195 ($1544 CAD).

Source: RED