Canada ranks 30th overall in global mobile video quality report: OpenSignal

The U.K. placed 29th, while Germany placed 31st

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The Great White North placed 30th overall in a 69-country OpenSignal report studying the global quality of mobile video in September 2018.

According to the September 25th, 2018 study, Canada received a score 59.93 out of a possible 100 points, placing just above Germany’s 59.88 score and just below the U.K.’s 60.05.

Canada’s score places it within the ‘Good’ bracket, which represents scores of 55 to 65.

With a score of 68.52, the Czech Republic took the OpenSignal crown in September 2018, while Philippines placed last with a score of 34.98.

Interestingly enough, though Canada’s video quality score is somewhere near the middle of all nations surveyed, OpenSignal’s report found that Canada scored ninth overall in terms of download speed.

Canada averaged 31.28Mbps, beating out Denmark’s 30.19Mbps, but losing to Switzerland’s 31.47Mbps.

OpenSignal’s speed measurement is an “average mobile data connection a user experiences based on both the speeds and availability of a country’s 3G and 4G networks.”

The country that took OpenSignal’s global speed crown for September 2018 was South Korea, with an overall average 3G and 4G speed of 45.58Mbps.

India placed last in the speed category, with an average 3G and 4G download speed of 5.63Mbps.

OpenSignal created its latest report using 87,011,812,678 measurements collected from 8,002,357 devices sampled between May 14th, 2018 and August 11th, 2018.