Google Maps testing ‘shortlist,’ lets you create and share lists of places

Shortlist could be a great way to plan outings with friends and family

Google is testing a new Maps feature that allows users to create a ‘shortlist’ of places to share with friends.

Some users saw the new feature as part of a server-side test. When you search for a location — a restaurant, for example — a small bubble pops up on the screen. A prompt that appears with the bubble suggests users can add to the shortlist by long-pressing on places.

Alternatively, if you open up a place and tap ‘Share,’ there’s an option to add the item to your shortlist. You can also discard the list by dragging the bubble down to the bottom of the screen.

Adding places to a Google Maps shortlist

Once you’ve built your shortlist, you can share it with other users. Any user you share the shortlist with will receive a link that allows them to join the list from the Maps app or website. This seems to work regardless if they have the option to create a shortlist.

Once you’ve joined a shortlist, you can view it in either a list view or map view that highlights the places on a map. Furthermore, you can vote for different locations. Finally, users can add more items to the shortlist. However, this only works if you can create a shortlist in the first place.

Whoever created the original shortlist will get notifications informing them about added places and voting.

Viewing a shortlist shared with you

Users can also view shortlists they’ve created in the ‘Your places’ section under a new ‘Shared’ tab.

Again, this appears to be a server-side test. Google rolled out several of these recently. Unfortunately, you’ll have to be patient as there’s no way to get the feature unless Google rolls it out to you.

Images: Android Police

Source: Android Police