YouTube Music for Android adds streaming quality controls

YouTube Music for Android now features new audio quality and download settings.

Users have access to a separate setting for audio quality when on a mobile network and another for when on Wi-Fi. With either setting users can select between, ‘low,’ ‘normal,’ ‘high,’ and ‘always high’ audio quality. According to 9to5Google, which spotted the new feature first, unlike regular YouTube, YouTube Music doesn’t include the exact bitrate of songs.

Further, in the downloads menu there is another audio quality toggle that includes ‘low,’ ‘normal,’ and ‘high’ settings, alongside a ‘video quality’ option that allows users to select to store only audio, instead of audio and video.

For access to the new settings, make sure you’ve updated the app to version 2.49.57 via the Play Store. The feature is still rolling out so you may not see it immediately.

Source: 9to5Google