Google Maps Explore tab lets you see popular photos near you

Photos can help you find local attractions

Google Maps app icon

The Explore tab in the redesigned Google Maps is getting a new Photos section.

The section appears to be part of a server-side rollout for the app. A section labelled ‘Photos’ shows up in the Explore tab. Furthermore, users can click through to see the ‘Latest photos’ for their current area.

Presumably, the photos are sourced from Maps users, likely through Google’s Local Guides initiative.

Google Maps Photos section

Additionally, there’s a new floating action button that lets users upload their photos.

This feature could be a solid option for users to see what’s around them. Whether its local restaurants or unknown landmarks, this is a way for people to discover and find new things.

It’s also a neat way for users to share cool places they know about — although, I feel most people would rather share photos on Instagram.

Photos: Android Police

Source: Android Police