Fitbit announces new enterprise-focused health couching platform (update)

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit is launching a new health platform for its thousands of enterprise customers.

Dubbed Fitbit Care, like the company’s consumer-facing platform, it’s designed to help motivate improve their overall wellness and manage any ongoing health issues.

To take advantage of the new platform, users must download the new Fitbit Plus app.

In addition to logging any stats a Fitbit wearable collects, the app allows employees to share motivational messages with one another, as well as consult with what the company is calling “health coaches.”

These individuals will be able to view a user’s stats, as well as communicate with them via in-app messages, phone calls and in-person meetings. To that end, Fitbit Plus can track more advanced health stats like blood glucose and blood pressure. Users also have the option to connect third-party devices to the app.

At launch, Fitbit Plus isn’t available to consumers. Instead, in line with Fitbit Care’s enterprise-focus, the app is available to customers and employees of personal and corporate health care plans, respectively. U.S.-based health insurance provider Humana is slated to be the first company to offer the platform to its customers. MobileSyrup has reached out to Fitbit to ask whether the company plans to bring Care to Canada. This article will be updated with a response.

“This unique offering will allow us to better support our 1,600-plus enterprise health customers and the 100-plus health plans that we work with through a comprehensive platform that can help deliver positive, lasting outcomes for their employees and members,” said Adam Pellegrini, Fitbit Health Solutions general manger, in a September 19th press release.

Fitbit built Care on the back of Twine Health, which it acquired earlier this year.

Update 21/09/18:

For the time being, Fitbit says Fitbit Care will only be available in the U.S.

“Fitbit Care is available employers, health plans and health systems across the U.S.. Pricing will be tailored for the customer, depending on the solution that works best to meet the unique needs of their specific organization,” said a spokesperson for the company in an email sent to MobileSyrup.

Source: Fitbit