Echo Smart Plug and Sub leak ahead of Amazon announcement event

Amazon Echo Sub Leak

It looks like Amazon might have plans to launch more Alexa-powered Echo devices in the near future.

The Echo Sub wireless subwoofer (seen above) and the Smart Plus (pictured below) are the two rumoured devices in question, according to a recent Pocket-lint report.

The Sub reportedly adds 100w of bass to 2nd Gen Echo or Echo Plus, including when two Echo speakers are paired for stereo sound. The ability to pair two Echo or Echo Plus devices for stereo playback is also set to be a new feature coming to Amazon’s smart speaker ecosystem, says Pocket-lint.

Amazon Echo Smart Plug Leak

The Sub is rumoured to be priced at roughly £95 (approximately $127 CAD) and is tipped to ship on October 11th.

Amazon’s upcoming Smart Plug, on the other hand, seems set to be similar to other Wi-Fi-enabled plugs on the market. The Smart Plug allows any device plugged into it to be controlled with basic Alexa voice commands, according to its now removed Amazon U.K. product description.

For example, the accessory could be used to turn a coffee machine on/off, or to switch on a lamp that isn’t already equipped with a smart lightbulb. Amazon’s Smart Plug is rumoured to be priced at £95 (roughly $161 CAD). It’s unknown if Amazon’s Smart Plug will feature some sort of special functionality that makes it better than existing Wi-Fi-enabled plugs, though given its expensive price tag it probably should.

It’s likely that the Echo Sub and Smart Plug will be managed through Amazon’s Alexa app, similar to other devices in the retail giant’s Alexa line. Both of these new Echo devices leaked via what looks like mistakenly posted listings on Amazon’s U.K website, according to Pocket-lint.

It’s unclear if these devices will make their way to Canada immediately when they’re released in the United States. In the past, Amazon has delayed releasing Echo devices in the Canadian market months and, in some cases, even years.

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Source: Pocket-lint, 2