Elon Musk’s Boring Company digs tunnels using an Xbox One controller

It's not wireless, but at least the graphics look real

The Boring Company has found a new way to control its boring machines — and surprisingly it’s with an Xbox One controller.

Elon Musk’s tunnel building company started off in 2017 and within the last year or so the company has launched a handful of projects around the United States.

The Boring Company has primarily made headlines through the sale of its Boring merchandise. It’s first product, Boring hats, sold 50,000 units and its second product a small, futuristic gun-looking flamethrower, received far more press than it likely deserved.

The tunnel digging company’s primary goal is to work on ideas that help solve traffic and public transportation issues by utilizing more underground space. This is why it needs to control these giant boring machines accurately, hence the Xbox One controller input.

All in, it really is incredibly cool that Tesla is using an Xbox One controller to manipulate parts of its giant boring machines.

Who said Microsoft’s Xbox One doesn’t have any exclusives? Let’s keep our fingers crossed that a Boring Company Xbox One controller is in the works.

Source: Twitter