Construct the city of your dreams in ‘Pocket Cities’ [Game of the Week]

Your actual city not good enough? Just build your own!

Pocket City

Pocket City is a city-building mobile game that lets you establish the metropolis of your dreams.

The game takes heavy influence from other city building games — think Cities: Skylines or SimCity. But this isn’t a bad thing. Those games are great, and Pocket City is too.

You start off with a town hall and a bit of street. From there you must diligently expand your city.

A simple cycle keeps you engaged

The game is fairly simple. It relies on a basic cycle that keeps players invested. It has three main zones — residential, industrial, commercial. Players must attend to the demands of the game when building these zones, but that demand is fueled by the cycle.

Essentially, you designate residential zones where you want housing. Buildings spring up quickly where people can live. Those people have demands — jobs, for example.

Build and level up

Players must then designate industrial zones. Factories and offices appear, employing residents and producing goods. But industry needs somewhere to sell goods.

So players must designate commercial zones where shops appear.

This establishes the basis for your city. People see how successful it is and want to move in. Demand for housing goes up and the cycle repeats — residential, industrial, commercial.

Planning is key

There are other factors at play as well. Homes and businesses need power and water, so players must construct power plants and water towers. People do more than just work — they need parks and movie theatres and other activities to occupy them.

If you plan your roads poorly, traffic will slow progress. You’ll need fire departments to put out fires and police stations to stop crime sprees. Hospitals will keep citizens healthy, schools keep people educated, transportation systems take people where they need to go.

Pocket City is incredibly in-depth and detailed for a mobile game. It also runs and looks great. Players can adjust the graphical settings in-game as well for optimal performance or fidelity.

Free and premium options

Watch ads or complete quests for a boost

The best part is the game is free. It is ad-supported, but as far as ads go, they’re not intrusive at all. In fact, it’s entirely optional to watch ads!

There is a premium version of the game, which unlocks some extra features too. Sandbox mode, for example, gives you immediate access to all the buildings so you can just have fun making a city.

Players can also customize their town hall and choose different difficulty options. Finally, the paid version gets rid of ads and lets players save up to 20 cities, instead of just two in the free version.

It’s a lot of extra content for just $4.99.

Overall, Pocket City is a fun city-building game that looks and runs well. The ads aren’t intrusive at all and the paid version offers lots of extra content. If you enjoy creating your own city, definitely check this game out.

You can get it for iOS and Android.