Samsung patent shows phone with side cutouts for physical buttons

An interesting idea that may never come to fruition

A patent discovered by Netherland-based Galaxy Club indicates that Samsung was at one point interested in side cutouts — otherwise known as side notches — as a design choice.

Samsung’s Electronic Device Included Bended Display and Image Displaying Method Therethrough patent shows a diagram of a Samsung handset with the edge display completely covering the side of the device with cutouts for the phone’s physical buttons. This feature would completely get rid of the device’s side bezels and increase the handset’s screen-to-body ratio.

The patent was filed in February 2017, before the release of the iPhone X and Essential Phone, and before any of the notch hype that has plagued many of 2018’s smartphones.

Still, there’s a crucial flaw with such a design. Holding the phone would likely cause a lot of accidental screen touches that would no doubt anger many users.

The South Korean electronics giant would have to implement a functionality that would allow the phone to know when to accept and reject input.

Additionally, it’s possible that Samsung has scrapped anything to do with this patent. Not all patents come to fruition, so don’t expect any Samsung smartphones with any side cutouts anytime soon.

To check out the patent, click here

Source: GalaxyClub, Via: SamMobile