Chromebooks might soon come with built-in fingerprint sensors

Biometric security seems to be making its way to Chrome OS

A few new lines of code found inside of the Chromium Gerrit project suggest that fingerprint sensors could be coming to Chromebooks soon.

Lines such as ‘Set up your fingerprint,’ ‘Place your finger,’ ‘Touch the sensor with your finger,’ and ‘It’s on the top left of your Chromebook’ and more have all been discovered inside of commit for Chromium Gerrit.

Chromium Gerrit is an open-source collaboration platform for Chrome developers. Given the Gerrit’s focus, new Chrome OS features often leak from, or at least are hinted at, on the platform.

Further, an additional new commit suggests face unlock is coming to Chromebooks. With all this in mind, it seems likely that at least some future Chromebooks will feature additional biometric security.

There’s speculation that the new version of Google’s Pixelbook will be the first Chromebook to feature this functionality. So far nothing is confirmed other than the fact that code is being tested inside of the Chromium Gerrit.

Source: Android Police