Sony’s newest SD card has record speed and durability

Sony Tough SD cards

Sony has unveiled the SF-G series Tough UHS-II, its newest SD card line featuring the world’s fastest and most durable memory cards to date.

According to Sony, the Tough SF-G SD cards are 18 times stronger than standard SD cards, which was achieved by including “the world’s first monolithic structure with a completely sealed one-piece molding.”

In other words, this makes the SD cards bend-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and drop-proof (up to five metres).

As such, these cards are primarily intended for professional photographers who shoot in challenging environments like mountaintops.

Outside of durability, the Tough cards have the same 4K-capable record-high 300 MB/s and 299 MB/s speeds that the original SF-G series sported.

The SF-G Tough series will launch in October. Prices will start at $73 USD (approximately $94.24 CAD) for the 32GB card and go as high as $276 (approximately $356.31 CAD) for the 128GB model.

Source: Sony Via: Engadget