Gmail’s quick-access side panel coming to Calendar, Docs and more

Quickly access Tasks, Keep and other service in Google apps

Google Calendar app on Android

Gmail’s recent redesign brought a slew of useful new features to the email platform, including a quick-access side panel loaded with Google apps.

The panel allows for quick access to Google Tasks, Keep and Calendar. Furthermore, the side panel enables some third-party apps to work more closely with Gmail.

The feature seems to have proved popular with Gmail users as it will now roll out to other apps over the next few weeks.

The side panel brings Google’s Keep and Tasks apps to Google Calendar. Notably, Calendar isn’t joining the Calendar side-panel — a logical choice, given the duplicity.

It’s a smart move on Google’s part, as having quick access to Google apps in a side panel will likely increase integration between apps.

Also, the side panel features some pretty useful functionalities. For example, Gmail users can drag an e-mail to Tasks to set a reminder for themselves. And now with the upgraded integration, when you open Google Calendar, you’ll see that reminder in the Tasks side-bar.

This kind of integration and convenience is sure to make Google apps even more appealing to users.

Source: Google Via: 9to5Google