Xbox announces new controllers and console bundles at Gamescom

Players can start designing new controllers in the Xbox Design Lab today

Microsoft has been revealing a lot of new Xbox information at Gamescom, with some of their announcements related to new controllers and console bundles.

The first announcement started in the Xbox Design Lab. Players can choose from a few new colour options when they’re customizing a controller, including a variety of camos and gradients. Both of the new colour options cost $99.99 CAD. There are five camouflage options and six new gradients called “Shadows.”

There’s also another Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds limited edition controller that has a black digital camo design and a few cool visual accents. There’s a small blue ring around the left joys stick and the D-pad is a metallic gold colour. On the bottom of the controller, there’s a PUBG logo and a small red ‘x’ on the underside of the right trigger. It’s hard to see but is actually pretty cool once you notice it. There is also some mention of “Exclusive in-game content” that comes with the controller, but it doesn’t say what it is. The limited edition controller goes on sale on October 30th for $79.99 CAD.

In terms of consoles, the technology company also announced a few new bundles. There’s a new gold-brown-gray gradient Xbox One X that comes with Battlefield V. Along with that the company also announced that there is going to be a few Forza Horizon 4 and Fallout 76  bundles as well for players that are looking for the latest games and a new console once all these games start releasing in the fall.

All of the Xbox One X bundles are priced at $599 CAD for a 1TB console, one controller and a game or two depending on the bundle. The Xbox One S bundles range in price a bit more, but all of the new ones cost $379 CAD and come with a 1TB console, a game and a controller.

To check out all of the bundles visit Microsoft’s online store here. 

Source: Xbox  Via: Variety