These Brikk custom gold AirPods actually cost $10,000

Lux AirPods Deluxe

Apple’s AirPods might not have the best sound quality out there, but the wireless Bluetooth earbuds’ convenience factor is difficult to beat.

With this in mind, have you ever considered buying $10,000 USD AirPods that are coated in two layers of 24k gold? No? Okay, well you probably aren’t alone.

Brikk’s AirPods and charging cases feature two layers of either 24k gold, 19k rose gold, or finally, because this is a necessity when it comes to crazily priced earbuds, 950 platinum. Each earbud is also polished by hand, plated and assembled at Brikk’s lab in LA.

Along with these flashy AirPods, Brikk’s also sells luxury iPhone charging docks that come in three colours: ‘Yellow Gold,’ ‘Rose Gold,’ and ‘Platinum.’ And of cousre, the dock also includes a built-in audio jack and lightning port.

I look forward to seeing up and coming rapper Tekashi69 purchasing these gold AirPods and featuring them prominently in his next music video.

Via: Mashable