Epic Games bringing back Fortnite Playground mode on July 25


Fortnite‘s popular Playground mode is set to return on July 25th, developer Epic Games has confirmed.

Playground, as the name suggests, gives players more freedom to explore the world and build structures. The game mode removes the health-draining storm found in standard battle royale matches for one hour to encourage players to do whatever they want.

Epic says Playground will return in update 5.10 with new “special squad select options,” which will presumably let players choose between different team arrangements like ‘2v2.’ Other changes are set to come in the 5.10 update, although fans will have to wait for the full patch notes later this week for more details.

Earlier this month, Epic Games kicked off Fortnite‘s fifth season, adding a slew of new content including golf carts, map warp points and Viking-themed cosmetics.

Via: Polygon