OnePlus promises camera, OxygenOS updates in customer feedback roundup

After a number of 'Open Ears Forums,' OnePlus is making changes based on customer feedback

OnePlus has published some ‘Key Actions’ that it plans to take based on feedback from recent forum events.

The company that produces the ‘flagship killer’ hosted several ‘Open Ears Forums’ over the first half of 2018, with fans congregating to make suggestions and requests. In a recent roundup post, OnePlus listed all the actions it had already taken, as well as some planned for the near future.

During the company’s forum in Germany held in early March, OnePlus heard feedback relating to the camera app on its devices. As a result, it’s promising the following:

  • Compatibility with most third-party camera apps for the OnePlus 3/3T in the next official update
  • Optimized editing experience in Gallery collections “hopefully” in the next few months
  • Optimized panorama experience by the end of the year
  • Second version of optimizations for “oil painting effect” on OnePlus 5/5T to be released “soon”

In a OxygenOS-focused forum in San Francisco held this April, the company took software suggestions and are promising the following upcoming changes:

  • Support for ring, vibrate and silent mode in Alert Slider on OnePlus 5/5T will be ready in next few months
  • Support for accent colour customization is now available in the latest OnePlus 5/5T Open Beta and once it’s stable will be merged into an official release for OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T and 6
  • Support for using specific SIM to call out for a different user group to be added to Open Beta in next few months

As for customer support, OnePlus says it’s currently testing the initial version of a new diagnostics and troubleshooting app, which will be available to customers “soon.”

For more information on what’s already been fixed following the forums, check OnePlus’ full post here.