OnePlus teases new red OnePlus 6 colour variant

OnePlus 6

On Friday, OnePlus started teasing that it will offer its latest smartphone, the OnePlus 6, in a new red colour.

“Now initiating: C61422. Do you wish to continue?” writes OnePlus on its official Twitter account. If the accompanying video wasn’t enough of a hint, C61422 is the RGB colour hex for red.

In a separate tweet, the company directs fans to visit Marques “MKHD” Brownlee’s Twitter account.

In classic OnePlus fashion, Brownlee shared an image of the upcoming colour variant partially obscured by one of the company’s existing phones.

There’s no word yet on when OnePlus will start officially selling the new model, but if the company’s recent history is any indication, an official announcement is likely forthcoming.

In other OnePlus news, the company announced earlier this week a new software update schedule that will see the company push two years’ worth of major operating system upgrades to its smartphones.

Source: OnePlus, MKHD