Instagram to launch long-form vertical video platform: report

Instagram app on Android

Instagram is reportedly prepping to launch a long-form vertical video service akin to Snapchat Discover.

According to a report from TechCrunchInstagram is going to offer a dedicated video space. The space will feature scripted shows, music videos and more. Additionally, videos will be vertically oriented, full-screen and 4K.

Allegedly the company is gathering launch partners for a tentative announcement later this month.

The social network appears to be targeting YouTube, with a focus on videos ranging from five to 15 minutes in length. Eventually, Instagram will let creators and publishers earn money off the videos. However, Instagram hasn’t yet finalized how advertisements will work.

Regular users will be able to take advantage of the feature too. Instagram will reportedly allow anyone to upload long videos beyond the company’s current 60-second limit.

Furthermore, Instagram’s videos supposedly feature a swipe-up option to open a link. Creators can use this to drive users to websites and e-commerce stores. This could be another potential way for publishers to monetize Instagram videos.

Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on how video would be incorporated into the main Instagram feed. Video could show up full-length or as a preview that links to the video. It’s also unclear whether video will be integrated into the Explore tab, get it’s own tab in the app, or spin out into it’s own app entirely.

The big questions centre on YouTube and Instagram’s ability to compete. The YouTube platform is massive. It also has a recognized ad revenue platform that pays creators. Instagram will have surmount that by being compelling for existing content creators.

Furthermore, Instagram needs a way to convince creators to switch to vertical video. With the exception of Snapchat, most video platforms use traditional landscape video formats. Creators need a reason to shoot vertically, or Instagram needs a tool to easily crop landscape video instead.

Ultimately, with Instagram’s more than 800 million users, video on the platform will have a significant audience. Snapchat should be worried, but traditional landscape platforms may not have to fear.

Source: TechCrunch