Fido offers $45/5GB plan BYOD plan to win back former customers

A RedFlagDeals user reported receiving an offer for the plan after switching to Videotron

The Fido store front

Rogers flanker brand Fido has reportedly offered a RedFlagDeals user — and former Fido subscriber — a non-contract plan that provides 5GB of data for $45 CAD, as well as unlimited Canada-wide calling, international texting, six free months of Spotify premium and five hours of free unlimited data per month.

RedFlagDeals user brightwing23 reportedly received a phone call from Fido offering this plan, after switching “from Fido to Videotron [a] few months ago.”

According to the same user, the “price is guaranteed for 24 months.”

The user also stated that Fido said it would sell a 64GB iPhone X for $499 or a 256GB iPhone X for $699 on the same plan, with the stipulation that the plan would then cost $60.

Reports of similar ‘Baby Come Back’ offers

Users like ST80FMIND and and raj12345 reported that Fido made similar offers to them after they left the carrier.

ST80FMIND said that they were offered a BYOD 3GB + 3GB bonus plan for $45 that didn’t include unlimited calling but that offered free weekends and evenings, as well as six months of free Spotify.

Raj12345 said that Fido offered a 5GB plan for $60 with an iPhone X for $160.

Additionally, zz9191 said that Fido offered them the same plan as brightwing23. However, zz9191 was offered a Samsung Galaxy S8 for $0 on a $60 plan.

Source: RedFlagDeals