Canadian website Casalova is launching an app for real-estate agents

Casalova is looking to revolutionize the real-estate agent process

Boss Agent is a new platform that looks to connect real-estate agents with customers in less than 30 seconds.

It’s an app that works in conjunction with the online real-estate market Casalova.com. The company services just under 140 Canadian cities. It’s now trying to make things easier for real-estate agents too.

The app is free to download but leads cost anywhere from $1 CAD to $15 depending on the commission on the property.

The app also provides more satisfaction between real-estate agents and their clients. It tries to do this by facilitating faster responses. These fast responses are key to the system being effective at helping people move into houses in highly competitive rental markets like Toronto.

“When prospective renters or buyers request more information about a property on Casalova, any online agents are automatically sent a notification,” said the CEO of Casalova Ray Jaff in a press release.

To start using the app agents have to enter their Real Estate Council number, brokerage information and some personal info. When a user gets verified during the launch event they get $100 in one-time lead credit that they can use to test out a few leads on the service.

Once an agent gets a lead they can talk to their clients right in the app with its built-in messenger.

There is also a client management section of the app that shows agents how many requested viewings that users have found on CasaLova.

The app can be downloaded on iOS here and Android here.