Google’s Gmail for desktop has a native offline mode

A couple of weeks ago, Google launched a new Gmail redesign giving the service a complete new look. On top of that, at Google I/O the company showcased a ‘Smart Compose’ feature revealing a future update allowing the AI to guess what you’re trying to say next. Now, Gmail has a native offline mode.

To use the functionality, users require Chrome 61 or higher. To enable it, you have to head to the Settings within the Gmail and navigate to the offline tab, then click on the ‘Enable offline mail’ option.

Once the feature is enabled you can write, search and delete or archive messages when you have no connection.

There was a Gmail Offline Chrome app, however, users are now encouraged to uninstall.

Users can decide whether to save messages for 7, 30 or 90 days. or whether or not they want to download attachments.

You can also decide between two security modes. As per Google:

  • Keep offline data on my computer – Data stored on your device will not be deleted when signing out of your Google account or when changing your password. To delete account data from your device, disable offline mail and save changes.
  • Remove offline data from my computer – Data will need to be resynced to your computer when logging back into Gmail. It may take a few hours to resync the mailbox.

This feature is widely rolling out to regular Gmail users.