Instagram introduces ’emoji slider’ for more interactive polls

Instagram app on Android

Instagram has revealed a new ’emoji slider’ feature that allows users to create and interact with polls using emojis.

With emoji sliders, Instagram aims to offer a more engaging way for users to find out how their friends feel about anything from how “hot” a new album is to how gross pineapple on pizza tastes.

To add an emoji slider, go to create a new story as you would normally and select a picture. Afterwards, tap on the emoji slider icon (circled below) and type in your question.

Instagram emoji slider

Then, set the emoji you think best represents the question from a library of many popular, commonly-used emoji. Once the story is shared, anyone who views it (including you) will be able to respond to it by dragging the slider to your desired position.

An average emoji ranking of how users are responding to the poll will be displayed on your story afterwards.

Additionally, as with any other story, you can click on the bottom left icon to see who has viewed your story, now with the added context of what specific emoji rating each person responded with.

Previously, Instagram users could only add standard ‘yes-or-no’ polls that people could answer and see results for.

The emoji slider is part of the latest update to the Instagram app (version 44) on Android and iOS.

Source: Instagram