Samsung to reveal Galaxy S10 in January, says report

S9 and S9+

Recent reports out of South Korea predict that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S10 next January.

The rumour comes courtesy of Korean publication The Bell, which reports that Samsung has asked its parts suppliers to provide components for the device in November, as opposed to in December as it has asked in the past.

While this leak should be taken with a grain of salt, considering The Bell said the same thing would happen with 2018’s Galaxy S9, it’s likely that Samsung will announce another phone at Mobile World Congress instead of a new S-series flagship.

The foldable Samsung Galaxy X is also supposed to make an appearance next year. It’s possible that the South Korean phone maker will unveil the Galaxy X in Barcelona and push up the S10’s schedule.

The Bell says that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S10 at the Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas, something the company hasn’t done in the past.

Only time will tell if this rumour is true, however, other leaks point to Samsung moving up the reveal of the Note 9 this year as well, making this claim a little more credible.

Source: The Bell Via: SamMobile