Huawei is reportedly working on a voice assistant with emotion

Huawei is going big on AI

Huawei P20 Pro

The Chinese company is reportedly looking to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) with “emotional interactions,” according to Felix Zhang, vice president of software engineering at the company, in a recent interview with CNBC

“We think that, in the future, all our end users wish [that] they can interact with the system in the emotional mode,” said Zhang during the interview. “This is the direction we see in the long run.”

The Chinese smartphone maker launched a voice assistant in 2013 that never was released outside the country. Currently Huawei has 110 million people that use its voice assistant daily.

The technology that describes an AI that’s capable of detecting the user’s mood is often referred to as ‘emotion AI

Emotion AI will be able to keep a conversation for as long as possible. This should help those with feelings of loneliness, explained James Lu, the director of AI product management at Huawei, in the interview with CNBC. 

Hopefully with the addition of Emotion AI, more people will say please and thank you to their digital assistants. It would also be interesting to use an AI with features similar to Google Assistant, that’s capable of maintaining a realistic conversation.

Source: CNBC