Facebook explains what information it shares with advertisers

There are three ways that ads can be targeted through Facebook

Facebook has shared information on how advertisers use the company’s data to serve targeted ads.

The news comes courtesy of the company’s official blog, and is the latest addition to its ongoing ‘Hard Questions’ segment.

The company outlined the three ways that advertisers can place ads on the platform.

Advertisers can ask Facebook to target people who like a specific page or topic on the platform. Sometimes advertisers will also come to Facebook with data about people — like their email address — and the social network will target those users directly.

The final way that the social network helps advertisers target ads is with the apps that integrate with Facebook to send data back to advertisers. So if a user always shops with an app that is linked to Facebook, the company knows what type of products the user has bought in the past.

Facebook also took some time to answer some key questions from users. One of the key questions that was asked was why Facebook needed all the data.

“We use this information to give you a better service,” said Rob Goldman, vice president of ads at Facebook, in the blog post. The social network uses the data to customize users newsfeeds and target ads.

The company also shared how users can stop receiving targeted ads. In the blog post, it explains how users can visit ad preferences to learn more about how ads work and how to restrict the amount of data they use.

Source: Facebook