Toronto-based dbrand now sells Nintendo Switch skins that don’t damage the console

Nintendo Switch

I’m obsessed with keeping all my tech devices in as good condition as possible.

This means that every smartphone — yes, even review devices — always find their way into a case of some sort, often with the added protection of a glass display protector.

Naturally, when the Nintendo Switch was first released last year, I immediately started hunting for a decent case or skin.

Unfortunately, despite picking up quite a few cases from Amazon over the past year, I didn’t come across one that wasn’t absolutely horrible.

Skins were also out of the question since they pulled the Switch’s paint off the device.

However, it looks like dbrand has now come up with a viable solution to the above problem. The company says that it’s now selling Switch skins it claims are “100% safe” for the Switch’s plastic housing and Joy-cons.

dbrand says that it spent a year working with 3M to create what the company describes as a “unique” adhesive that won’t damage the console’s finish. dbrand is typically a reliable source for console skins, but it’s important to note that we haven’t tried these particular Switch cases ourselves.

In terms of pricing, the Joy-con skins cost $4.95 USD, with the Switch dock face coming in at $6.95 and the actual console skin being priced at $9.95. This means that a full set is priced at about $28 USD (about $35 CAD).

I’m actually going to pick up a skin for the body of the Switch in order to test out dbrand’s new adhesive still damages the Switch — check back soon for my findings.

Source: dBrand